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Pilates Teaching Guide: Foundation Level

Pilates Teaching Guide
Foundation Level

4th - 7th September 2018
10.30am - 5.30pm
(Lunch inclusive)

Venue - OurBodySpace KL

Fees - RM2300

What will you learn:
-Pilates history
-Pilates principles
- Human biomechanics according to the pilates movement
-Basic fundamental exercises
-The importance of cues
-Teaching in a group and private setting
- incorporating Pilates techniques into your current fitness/sports regime
- creating a standard Pilates mat class

What you will receive:
- All that knowledge above
- The tools to give you confidence to being your Pilates teaching journey

What you will not receive:
- a piece of paper proving your eligibility to teach. Forget it. You will be given homework and you will need to accumulate hours of teaching, to earn a certificate by me.
- a certificate from an internationally established institute. Although I trained under a handful of school for many years, I am not under any. This Teaching Guide is mine and mine alone. If you are looking for “internationally certified recognition”, it ain’t in this course.

Who is it for:
- yoga teachers, fitness professionals, fitness & sports enthusiasts, physical therapists, bodyworkers - Pilates that can be a great whole body workout on its own, or a fantastic supplement in any physical activity. This course is for anyone who wants to add Pilates into their lives and work.

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