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About Noah

Thirty-five years ago, Noah Karrasch was a music teacher in public schools in the Midwestern US, when he found a book by Ida Rolf:  Ida Rolf Talks About Rolfing and Physical Reality.  The book was a life changer!  “This is the gospel according to Rolf:  When gravity gets flowing appropriately through the body, spontaneously the body heals itself.” Such common sense challenged him to follow Dr Rolf’s path. Before he finished reading, Noah declared, “I need to do this work.” He’s never looked back, and after training and certification in 1986 as a certified rolfer, he has continued down the path of myofascial release work, but taking his own path and detours.

The result is CORE® Bodywork, deep tissue myofascial release work designed to Coax Order (and) Restore Energy. Noah has spent the past 31 years practicing and perfecting his craft, and is excited to share in a new part of the world his ideas and techniques, which do work! He invites you to join us for a day, or several, to enhance your skills and your practice by learning effective and safe deep work.

The primary consideration of CORE® work is the idea that the client must feel safe and be in charge of their session…not what many deep tissue workers seem to think!  We as therapists must work to keep the client engaged in the process during the session, and hopefully to challenge them to focus on their changes and process outside the session as well.  CORE® work is deep, yes; but the client is always the final authority of what’s right for their BodyMindCore.

Which class to choose?  Each is designed to feature a specific technique, part of the body, or concept.  Perhaps many will appeal to you, and one could benefit from all.  CORE I, the All Purpose Recipe, is a great starting place…but truly, any of the offerings will set any therapist thinking about how to change their techniques and routine.

Author of four books (Meet Your Body, 2009, Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release, 2012, Getting Better at Getting People Better, 2015, and BodyMindCORE Work for the Movement Therapist, 2017 (with Elizabeth Buri and Robert White) and a fifth book in the works, Noah is committed to sharing his ideas with as many therapists as possible, thus this trip to Asia to share ideas. Noah has been teaching bodywork skills to massage therapists, Pilates and yoga instructors, and physical therapists since 1994, and has many students who tell him often how they’ve benefited from his courses, even if they only attended one day!

Noah was pleased to be hosted by Elizabeth Buri, Level IV CORE® worker and Level II CORE® instructor, and her business partner Zarul Albakri, founders of Our Body Space in Kuala Lumpur for his first time in Asia. 

There's always more information! So, if the details below didn't satisfy your needs, that's ok! Visit www.corefascialrelease.com and/or find us on Facebook &Instagram @corefascialrelease