Do I need to bring my own mat?

Ideally it is a good idea to bring your own mat - your own mat, your own body scent - but we do provide mats, no charges

What do I need to wear?

Comfortable workout / yoga attire. Preferably no socks, you may slip and slide on the floors, and we may not want to slip and slide with you.

Do I need to book in advance? And how can I book a slot?

Yes it is recommended that you do book your space in advance because classes can get full easy - 12 max (13 squeezing like tuna in tin). You may whatsapp our team mate Shairrah @ 01128217811 or email to secure our space.

Where can I park?

You may park anywhere in front of Block A - Our Big Space is in unit A5, and OurBumiSpace is unit A1. If you see a parking lot available, it is yours. You can also park beside the wall in front of Block A. Make sure is close enough to the wall that there is space for cars to pass through.
DO NOT park your car in the corners of Block A towards Block B and thereafter. It will make it very challenging for anyone to make the turn and pass through. Please be aware of the NO PARKING signs in that spot.
We've got grumpy neighbours. Yea you know the kind. Let's keep the peace!

Is there an age limit?

Age is nothing but a number. Come one, come all. Just please BE MINDFUL of the stairs. Members are allowed to bring their children, as long as their children can behave themselves. We're cool with that. If you are wondering if your child can join the class with you? I would advise the age to be at least 13 years old.
Even if you are of the Golden age, we welcome you will open arms, but again, be mindful of the stairs.

Which classes are for beginners?

Beginners Airo Yoga, Basic Vinyasa,Yin Yoga, Tai Chi Flow, Myofascial Qi Gong, Pilates and Kundalini Yoga are your best bet. Please click here for the class description.

Are there any women's classes?

While majority of the classes are filled with primarily women, there are no specific women's class... except for prenatal and maternity yoga of course.

Where is the schedule?


What are the rates?

Oooo I know! HERE!

Is there an expiry date and what if I am unable to complete my pass/package?

Ah this is a tricky question to answer, but here goes -

  1. The Monthly Unlimited Pass expires a month after you sign up for the first class

    1. the package of 4 classes expires a month after your first class

    2. package of 8 classes expires 2 months after your first class.

  2. If there are any unforeseen circumstances that stops you from finishing your pass/package you may transfer your pass/package to a friend or family to use it til it is complete.

    1. PLEASE INFORM US as soon as you realize that you cannot make it to your classes.

  3. If you tell us WAY in advance that you away and will need to pause your Monthly Pass or Package of 4, with 3 weeks left, we will allow a 1 month pause.

  4. If you only have 1 week left in your Monthly Pass or Package of 4, and you knew you had to leave WAY in advance, it is best to take an extra class within the other week prior, or give it to a friend/family.

    1. That 1 week is non-refundable/non-pausable.

  5. For those of you who sign for the package of 8, you have 2 months = 60 days to complete your package.

    1. If you know WAY in advance that you will be away, with 6-7 weeks left, we are willing to pause your package for 1 month only.

  6. 4 weeks and below time left on your pass, please transfer your package to your friend/family.

    1. The package is non-refundable/non-pausable

Do you have students rates?

Sure we do! Scroll below the Group rates, you'll see the student rate. As long as you are in school and have a student ID to prove it, whether it be high school/college/university. You are entitled to the students rates.