OURBUMISPACE (Bumi in malay, means Earth)

This year, we grew a tad too big for ourselves. We opened a new little space within one of our homestay units (click here to know more) - unit A1 - OurBumiSpace. This cosy corner can take up to 8 yogis in a class, and a bit more standing. A lot of the workshops and talks happen here as there is also a massive round table in the dining/ground area for meeting/discussions as well. We share the space peacefully with our homestay/Airbnb guests who stay on the top floor of the same unit.
OurBumiSpace classes will be highlighted yellow in the class schedule.

Our space was made to be nothing fancy, but a refuge from the blinding, fast-paced life. Basically OurBigSpace is built to be a warm hug for everyone from all walks of life who comes through our doors.