CORE Fascial Release


This  is  the  Gospel   according  to  Rolf:  when  gravity  gets flowing appropriately through the body, then spontaneously the body heals itself.” Ida Rolf 

What Is CORE Fascial Release

CORE  is  a  type  of    body   therapy   for  deep  tissue  release,  based  on  the  work  of  Ida  P. Rolf,  PhD  and   modified by Noah Karrasch,  BS Ed. LMT  and  advanced  certified Rolfer.  The  basic   concept   is   that  gravity  and   trauma   have weighed  us down and tightened us up. Experiencing CORE Bodywork will free holding  patterns  in the connective tissue  network of the body. The result is freedom, ease and release of pain.

What It Does

It is the intention of CORE Bodywork to loosen the deepest lines of holding     patterns    in   our body—physical,   emotional,    mental, chemical  and  energetic—releasing the trauma stuck and stored in our body's connective  tissue network or fascia that travels through the    entire   body.  As  it  moves   through  the body,  fascia  wraps muscles,   muscle groups,  organs   and  bones,  connecting  every body part to every other area of the body.

How It Helps

By  applying   subtle pressure  to a held  or  stuck  area, the CORE practitioner   encourages   the   connective   tissue  to  release  and become   more  resilient — to  flush  out  the  trauma  the body has stored. Clients feel a greater breath capacity, freer range of motion, reduction   of   pain   and   an    increase   of   energy.   Posture  improves,    restrictions   are   dissolved  and the body is aligned  with (instead  of  against)  gravity. Clients feel better and often report they are able to handle new stressors and traumas better. 

Is  this  painful?

Sometimes. Pain is resistance to change. Change isn't   easy   for   any   of  us and letting go of old patterns can hurt. When we work as  a team,  however—client  and  practitioner—we will coax your body to release  the old  holding  patterns in a gentle and  non-threatening  manner.  You are in charge of your process, and  the freedom you feel on the other side is remarkable. Try it! 

How much does it cost?

RM300 per session. RM1350 for a package of 5 sessions. Sessions are usually spaced one or two weeks apart. If there are special circumstances this time frame may be lengthened or decreased.

How many sessions?

Noah   has   developed  the  CORE series  of  at least five sessions which   accomplishes  many  of  the goals of the Ida Rolf ten series. 

Does it last?

Yes!   Clients   often   retain   such   positive   body  awareness that changes  are  visible  for years after a basic series. However, since life  is  stressful,  more  work  is  usually  indicated.  The reasons to return  for  added  work  are  a  new  trauma or emergency, maintenance to hold  onto the new freedom, or a deeper line of work to be addressed.

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