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Expanding Into Your Movement & Myofascial Qi Gong (Ops.. FULLY BOOKED!)



Dance of the Dragon Qigong:
Expanding Into Your Movement (Moving from the Center)
Time: 9am - 12pm (3h)
Price: RM150

This workshop will focus on integrating the body, mind and movement. People have become more and more disconnected from their own bodies. We have largely lost our sense of coordination and our movement has become primarily linear. Qigong teaches us that our primary energy center is based in our physical center of gravity, our lower belly or lower Dan Tien. The body is like a five pointed star, burning in the center. By learning to move from our center we begin to reintegrate our mind and body. and move more effortlessly. As our postural integration increases we become less awkward and clumsy in our movement, we become more connected to the earth that we live on. Our mind and attention becomes more focused and less distracted. Our personal energy increases and we become calmer and less exhausted in our lives.

Dance of the Dragon;
Myofascial Qigong (for Yogis and other Athletes)
Time: 2 - 6pm (4h)
Price: RM200

A workshop focusing on creating flexibility, mobility and strength, using slow flowing movements to circulate the body’s energy (qi).  It is effective in unlocking stiff joints, muscles and disentangling fascial fibers, as well as reducing the amount of tension we hold, from bad postural habits and stress.  This is particularly effective for people who engage in physical practices and find that they are still holding stiffness in their bodies. The movement, works deeply into the shoulders, hips and other areas that tend to get stuck, relieving pain and freeing up the movement. 

Qigong recognizes stiffness and immobility as energetic (qi) stagnation where emotional and physical energy has become blocked. The movements also stretches the meridians, allowing the qi from the organs to flow more freely in the body. Qigong increases somatic sensitivity, allowing us to feel deeply into our body, and it strengthens our postural integration, teaching the body to move as a unit rather than just a bunch of parts. 

The role of the fascia in flexibility has been recognized the last few years by yoga and other movement teachers, but the Chinese described the role of the fascia in the oldest known medical text, The Yellow Emperor’’s Classic of Internal Medicine, more than two thousand years ago. There will be a short explanation of how the facia system is approached in the work and how it is related to the organ meridians. Also how the fascia is related to the emotions, especially in the places where we get stuck, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

For This workshop no equipment is required, only loose clothing for physical practice. It is a workshop with 80% practice but adequate rest periods and discussion will allow the Participants to understand the difference between flexibility / mobility and will see a difference in their standing poses and understand their hips and shoulders much better.

These methods are unique because all lessons come from the teacher’s own experience having spent more than 30 years, seriously practicing them.

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