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Dance of the Dragon Qigong: You are a Pillar of Light


Dance of the Dragon Qigong: You are a Pillar of Light

We are the bridge between Heaven and Earth. This workshop is about freeing energy blockages, feeling your personal energy and connecting with spirit. 

Part1: (5 elements Qi Gong & inner smile meditation) 2h
Working with the energies of the five elements, connecting them to the organs and meridians, we journey into our own body to eliminate blockages. We practice exercises to increase the flow of energy in the body, to enhance the microcosmic orbit which is the key to amplifying our own personal energy and our sense of connection to the universe.

Time: 10am - 12pm
Price: RM100

Part2: (Pillar of light & simplified 5 elements Qi Gong) 3h
We will then feel the power and presence of our connection to heaven and earth by seeing ourselves as a pillar of light. Connecting our physical body with our spiritual body and our consciousness, our wisdom body. Using our power and energy to heal ourselves and the earth by finally projecting this healing light to the universe and all of it’s inhabitants.

Time: 2 - 5pm
Price: RM150

For more information please contact us at: / whatsapp: +6012-228 1402