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Womb Space - An Empowering Gentle Birth Talk with Doulas


A two-hour talk where expecting parents and those who wish to get pregnant can learn about gentle birth and how they can be supported by a birth doula. In this event, two doulas will be sharing their experience about their job. A mother who has been supported by a doula during labor and birth will also share her experience. 

As an Independent Holistic Childbirth Educator and Mentor, Maíra will be sharing how she works in regards to preparing for birth during pregnancy using movement, dance, yoga, childbirth physiology, meditation, breath awareness and birth art as tools to empower the expecting mother in her journey into motherhood. With her experience in teaching HypnoBirthing, the Mongan method, Ruzana will be sharing how the techniques taught in her course are effective as preparation for childbirth. 

About the speakers:
Maíra Dias Botelho de Magalhães is a mother of four wonderful creatures whose very existence and births have totally changed her life and continue to take her into a place of endless learning. She is a Yogini with a deep knowledge of her own body with a number of years of experience in both dancing and teaching different styles of yoga. As a meditator she considers her life has been transformed (and continues to be) through this continuous practice. She is a Birth Doula with various trainings and experience in different birth settings, with a deep commitment to the mothers who are under her care. As an Independent Holistic Childbirth Educator and Mentor, her role is to empower women so that they trust their bodies fully to do the transformational emotional and physiological work of labor and birth. She is a Speaker and a Support Groups Facilitator who has developed a quality of listening and who can share with others from her heart encouraging others to do so as well. She has been volunteering with Ibu for the past two years both in the Well-Baby Clinic and Ibu Support Groups. Follow her on Instagram and her Facebook page @mairadbmdoula

Ruzana Abdul Rahman is a mother of three HypnoBirthing babies who is passionate about spreading positive birth stories. Birth was one of her biggest fears but she challenged herself when was was pregnant with her eldest to try and find a comfortable means of birthing. She honestly didn't think painless and safe natural birth was possible until she went for HypnoBirthing class. HypnoBirthing totally changed her world about birth. From believing that birth is a scary risky event, now she knows better. A mother who is loved, supported, educated and feels confident without fear can have wonderful natural births, and Ruzana hopes to spread the message of HypnoBirthing for mothers out there. She has been present at a few births as a doula and is passionate about supporting women in their journey. She believes a new era is possible, an era filled with gentle births that our babies are born into.

This is a community event. Entrance upon donation. Please fill out the registration form below to register and secure your spot.