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Discovering AcroYoga with Sasa Chian

Discovering AcroYoga with Sasa Chian.jpg

Date: November 10, Saturday
Time: 2 - 4pm (2 hours)
Workshop Fee: RM120 per person
What to bring: Own Yoga mat, Face Towel, Water, Beautiful Smile + Laughter

AcroYoga & Courage: Trust me & fall into my arms
Courage is not the absence of fear but rather, the ability to move forward in the face of fear. How do we re-discover courage through the practice of AcroYoga? Find balance and learn to fall with a series of counterbalancing, human pyramid & uplifting partner movements. Finish with simple stretches and group massage. Come with uncertainties and leave with courage.

Workshop description
Learn the skills of “moving” and “connecting” with another person within the disciplines of AcroYoga. Sasa will lead you into a series of fundamental practices of taking flight, solid basing and spotting in this workshop. You will learn “play” like a child through movement exploration games and create own unique movement vocabulary. From there, you will explore partnering possibilities through a series of counterbalances, weight sharing and “monkey” games.

Together, we will discover what it means to be strong yet tender, energetic yet graceful. This is a practice of acrobatic + asana + dance with yogic awareness. 

What is AcroYoga?
AcroYoga is the practice of being in the moment and finding balance with the other - Eugene Poku, Co-founder of AcroYoga Montreal, Canada.

This link will lead you to a fun video that might spark your interest in AcroYoga. For further videos/pics, please follow my journey on page "AcroYoga with Sasa Chian".

About Sasa
Sasa is an accomplished dancer and devoted yogi since 1999. She expresses herself through Ballet, Street Jazz, Contemporary Dance, Aerial Dances, Latin Dances, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation. She is also certified to teach Kids Yoga and Manasa Yoga (200hr).

Sasa is known for her creative flairs in infusing dance, acrobatics, and yoga into a lyrical assemble. Sasa is the first fully certified instructor by AcroYoga Montreal currently living and teaching in Malaysia.

AcroYoga: Teaching for Change
“Tell me and I may forget, show me and I may remember, involved me and I will understand” – Chinese proverb

Sasa believes that the practice of AcroYoga can be a powerful tool for affecting change in people. Her classes are always challenging yet refreshing, empowering yet caring. Those who attend them often discover new things about themselves, the world around them, and the beauty and joy that is AcroYoga. This unique experience enriches our soul and brings life to our breath.

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