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A yoga beginner's workshop from 12.00 to 14.30. We will look at some basic ‘guidelines’ for a safe yoga practice and discuss in brief the foundations of yoga (the philosophy) and some of the different schools/styles (Ashtanga, hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini) – which can be confusing to a beginner! We will introduce and practice a cleansing practice or ‘kriya’ (kapala bhati) and a breath/energy balancing practice or ‘pranayam’ (anuloma viloma) and explain the benefits. We will learn/practice some core poses/postures and introduce the sun salutation flow (suriya namaskar).

At the end of the workshop students will be aware of and comfortable to practice some basic breathing and poses that set the foundation for those just starting out on their yoga practice and will start to understand the benefits of a regular yoga practice.
The pace will be quite slow with time for Q&A throughout the session. The atmosphere will be informal - and we hope very friendly. We really want this to be another opportunity for those considering starting a yoga practice to gain some confidence (to come to classes) and for those who already started but have lots of questions. – a chance deepen your understanding of what yoga is all about. Helen will facilitate the 17th March workshop, and will do her best to answer any questions you might have and help de-mystify the wonderful world of yoga! We really hope you can join us!

Reserve your slot:
+6012-228 1402/+6011-2821 7811 (Shairrah)

Price: RM80