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Airo Yoga Workshop


Let's Swing with Airo Yoga!

We are hosting the same workshops on two different dates in May!

Airo Yoga is a playful and authentic approach to the traditional teachings of yoga built upon aerial yoga techniques and our signature Airo 'swing'. Designed for the modern-day yogi, Airo combines the elements of yoga, Pilates, inversions, and acrobatic play as a path towards bodhi. Our mission is good vibes and badass empowerment for all. 

When you become a part of our Airo squad, you’ll encounter play as a path to consciousness, feel intense highs as you flip to new upside-down lows, and experience your own body on a whole new level (literally).

The three-hour Airo Yoga Workshops, developed by Airo’s creators’ own sweat and tears (thankfully no blood), will familiarise students with our lively and spirited swing and highlight the concept of mindfulness through play.

Open to all levels, Airo Yoga is perfect for both yogis and non-yogis, fitness fanatics to gym dabblers, ravers to ecstatic dancers, and even vegans to (gasp) meat eaters (I LOVE THIS - MORE) . Curiosity is the first step to exploration. Join us and let’s swing!

Workshop Breakdown:
• Intro to the Airo Swing
• Meditation
• Spirited Flow
• Inversion Play
• Partner Work

9th June 2018 (Saturday), 2 - 5pm

Price: RM 120 per person

For more information please contact us at / WhatsApp: +6281353787562 (Nat)

+6012-228 1402 / +6011- 2821 7811 (Shairrah)

Let's Swing!