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Free Talk: What is CORE Fascial Release?


CORE* Bodywork
* **Coax Order, Restore Energy

Many of us hold on to old fears, traumas and stresses and allow them to define and frame our lives. Based on the idea that the body is composed of twenty-one important hinges, CORE Bodywork shows how we can 'oil' and free these hinges, stretching the body out so we can feel healthy and happy more of the time. The therapeutic work is influenced by the Karrasch's background in Rolfing, a hands-on manipulation of the body's connective tissue designed to enhance posture and freedom of movement. CORE Bodywork offers people with both ordinary and extraordinary body challenges new ideas for how they can make changes in the way their bodies work for them. CORE Bodywork challenges us all to get in touch with and listen to our bodies to improve our health and overall happiness. 

About Elizabeth Buri

Currently one of the 2 only certified Level II CORE Bodywork Instructors in the world, Elizabeth was invited to co author with Noah Karrash and Robert White on the book BodyMindCORE Work for the Movement Therapist: Leading Clients to CORE Breath and Awareness, published May 2017.

Elizabeth’s path into health and wellbeing began as a fitness trainer in 2003. Soon after, she became a certified Practitioner of Pilates Studio under Polestar Pilates.Throughout the year of 2010, Elizabeth studied and became certified in both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. With 15 years as a yoga student, she finally was certified as an Integrated Yoga teacher in 2014, which combines the fluidity of the Scarevelli Yoga method, Hatha and Yin Yoga.

A one year stint in London gave Elizabeth the chance to study sports massage therapy in 2013 with the North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM). There, she discovered a special bodyworker named Noah Karrasch who changed the course of her life. Currently a certified CORE Level 4 Bodyworker, the only one in the Asian Region at the moment… with hopes to bring Mr Karrasch and his CORE Bodywork to Asia.

Intertwining all this knowledge and love for body movement and bodyworks, Elizabeth LOVES to play and create full body program, working with a variety of body misalignment and discomforts in a holistic way, seeking balance physically, mentally and emotionally.