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Wild Woman Encounter - 3 hr Workshop

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You are Powerful . You are a Creatress . You are a Force of Nature

Deep down in your bones, you KNOW the truth of these words. 

But perhaps right now, this deep seated wisdom feels unfamiliar and out of reach. 

If you‘ve ever . . .

*felt held back by Self Judgement and Self Doubt
*struggled to Speak Up and Voice your Desires
*felt a yearning for more Passion and Juiciness in your life
*had a strong sense that there’s something deeper calling you . .

This 3 hour workshop is an invitation to answer that call. To begin remembering and reconnecting with your Wild, Authentic Self, so you can start . . .

TRUSTING your Inner Guidance. RADIATING with Confidence & Sensuality. ENJOYING living in the richness of your Femininity.

More info visit: | Book your space email:

This workshop is a taster of our upcoming three day retreat in July: WILD WOMAN AWAKENING. More details visit:

DATE: Sunday 3rd June
TIME: 10am - 1pm
PLACE: OurBodySpace, Ampang
To book your space, please contact the studio directly by emailing:

RM150 per sister booking as an individual
RM125 when you book & pay with a friend booking (RM250 total)


Diagnosed with a crippling and “incurable” illness in 2012, Ajanta left her corporate career as a lawyer and embarked on a search for an alternative method of healing. Her journey led her to Asia and deep into yoga, meditation, Energy & Shamanic Work, transpersonal psychotherapy, Taoist practices, and Tantra. She has studied and practiced with teachers from all over the world. 

As she cleared years of supressed emotion and trauma, shed layers of oppressive conditioning and limiting beliefs, and re-discovered her authentic feminine nature, she experienced (and continues to experience) deep healing, not just of her physical body, but on every level of her being. 

Now a qualified therapeutic yoga teacher, EFT practitioner, Laughter Yoga Leader, and devoted Tantrika, Ajanta’s passion is to inspire and support others to embrace their potential to live a healthy and fully expressive life. 

She currently splits her time between Europe and Asia, coaching, facilitating workshops, and continuing her studies in Energy Psychology and the Shamanic, Tantric and Priestess Arts.

Having experienced for herself time and again the transformational power of women coming together in circle, Ajanta wants to spread the Sisterhood magic worldwide, creating spaces and facilitating experiences where women can support each other in exploring the fullness of their femininity, re-discovering their bodies’ infinite wisdom, and re-connecting with the red, raw power of the wild woman within.


Hannah is a speaker, singer, workshop facilitator and guide for women who want to transform their relationship to their body, emotions, femininity and sexuality. 

After almost a decade of immersing herself in all shades of spiritual exploration, Hannah found what she was looking for in the realm of the feminine mysteries. It was this path that finally taught her how to love, embrace and trust herself. A journey she now leads many other women through. 

Hannah has to this date facilitated over 50 workshops, classes and talks. Her work is an embodiment, experiential focused approach to help women remember their inherent connection to themselves, their intuition and their wild free spirits.