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Yarn Mandala Workshop (FULLY BOOKED)


This is an ancient handcraft from diverse indigenous tribes of America; the Huichol (Mexico) and several tribes from the amazon. They were called “OJOS DE DIOS” which means “the eye of god”. Traditionally used as protection amulets and power symbols. The process consists in weaving yarn upon wood sticks forming a concentric design. This can enable spiritual growth and creativity development due to the direct contact with the colors, shapes and the infinite possibilities that unravel creating a Mandala. As a decorative piece that can fulfill 2 purposes; adding beauty and transforming the energy of the space and the people. The sacred geometry pattern that represents allows the viewer to concentrate better, be more calm and clear.

This workshop allows to properly learn how to weave an 8 sided mandala and have it finished for participants to take home. The sessions are therapeutic spaces for developing creativity and learning. The conversation runs through the meanings of a mandala, our relation with the sacred geometry and our relationship with nature, as well as the benefits of involving on this creative process. The group is supporting each member with companionship and sharing; conversations are flexible and open for expressing current feelings and stories. This space comes out very inspiring and convenient. The dynamic lays on the swinging between the introvert part of weaving and the extrovert side when sharing.

About me

My name Is Adriana Olarte, i was born in Colombia. I’m an environmental Psychologist, I work with the environments where people live to transform their lives. I believe in art as a healing tool. I started to Weave with this technique in the beginning of 2011, I noticed the healing power of it by making them and being around them. At 2012 I started teaching for groups with people from all ages. I’ve notice the benefits of this activity in myself and in the people that have taken the workshop in the development of patience, self-esteem, concentration and creativity.

1. Básic (4 sided)
2. Basic Embodriery
3. Mandala Basic (8 sided)

1. Mandala Expert (8 sided)
2. Advanced Mandalas (6 - 12 sided) (4hrs)
3. Tibetan Mandala (4hrs)

  • The initial levels can be done by anyone without any experience.

Materials (included in fees):
- Wood Sticks, Yarns (wool, macramé, or crochet), Scissors, Glue.

Earlier Event: January 26
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