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The Tao of Movement and Mobility (30th)


For Martial Artists, Yogis, and Athletes

Date: Saturday, 30th March 2019

Time: 10am to 12pm

Price: RM100

This workshop may reveal a new approach to releasing chronic tension and stiffness through soft, flowing movement. It presents exercises that unwind the fascia and create fluidity in movement. Our body becomes more connected. We move with less effort and have better coordination.

The workshop includes:

A discussion of tension, and stiffness, how your posture effects your energy, and how this all relates to the myofascial system (muscles and connective tissue). Unwinding the fascia to increase mobility. Effective stretching to release tension and make lasting changes.

Open and closed chain mobility exercises, including progressions for people with less range of motion. An approach to seated yoga postures with movement and effective stretching. Soft flowing movement qigong forms that increase the sense of flow and movement, for learning to effortlessly increase flexibility. Discussion of blockages, bad we got there and the things that keep us that way. Qigong forms for building mobility and flexibility effortlessly and working with seated flexibility.