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Transformational Women’s Circle

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Increasingly, women across the globe are embracing the possibility of power and strength that manifests when we gather in Circle.  Seated in sacred Circle we are seen and we see.  Shoulder to shoulder we are reminded that we’re never alone.  Having our voices heard by our sisters invites a depth of intimacy – ‘into-me-I-see’ – that only serves to enhance our courage and bravery. 

On Sunday 14 April, Nadine McNeil will host Circle at OBS.  Please bring something to place at the center of the Circle – flowers, a photo, semi-precious stone, a piece of jewelry – anything that carries meaning for you as a woman. 

What is transformational coaching [TC]?

Unlike most coaching techniques offered that have a tendency to focus on goal setting and being result oriented, my unique approach is an invitation for the client to become aware of their limiting beliefs and how these stump their growth and potential for expansion. 

Founded on the principles of the Handel Group with whom I have studied, as a start, TC invites clients to focus on 4 basic areas in their lives.  A self-assessment is conducted and this forms the basis for the individual coaching sessions.

My intention is for the client to begin enjoying definitive results from their session immediately after each one. Provided the client commits to showing up for him or her self by doing the assigned work between sessions, they can be assured of shifts and results.  


This special offer is limited to a minimum of 4 persons and a maximum 8 persons.

How does it work?

Over a period of one month, we meet once weekly at a pre-determined time for a live 60-minute call. 

Each week’s session will focus on a particular topic.  Participants will be aware of the topic beforehand which gives you time to prepare any questions that you wish to receive coaching on regarding this topic.  The coaching will take place during the call. 

Upon conclusion of the call, you will receive an assignment to complete within the following week, prior to the next session.  You should be able to complete the assignment within 30 to 45 minutes. 

The group dynamic creates the opportunity for powerful shifts to quickly occur as oftentimes participants discover that their issue is also relevant to the other persons in the group.  The greatest benefit to this approach is knowing that you have the added support of your group members.

If this is of interest to you, our first session could take place in person on Sunday 14 April at 1PM

Subsequent sessions would happen via Skype or Zoom at the same time for 3 consecutive Sundays. 

Below are the topics that will be covered each week:

  • Self-Love Is A Practice:  what does this mean and how can we practice self-love

  • How do I show up in relationships? The most important relationship you have it with yourself.  From it all other relationships flow.  How are you relating to yourself?

  • What is your deepest desire?  Are you living in alignment with your desire?

  • What does forgiveness mean and why is it important?

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