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Prenatal Yoga and Body Awareness for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth for Practitioners

Prenatal Yoga and Body Awareness for Pregnancy, Labor and Birth for Practitioners.png

Date: June 15th, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 2 - 6pm (4 hours)
Fee: RM450

Early Bird: RM400 (Please make payment before 1st June)

This four-hour workshop is designed to support professionals that work with pregnant women in their pregnancy so they can gain more awareness of the changes the pregnant women's bodies go through in pregnancy, labor and chilldbirth and how they can integrate this knowledge into their practice. It is an opportunity to learn about the natural physiology of this amazing process of generating life then giving birth to it so that your practice is more aligned with pregnant women's bodies' needs. When a pregnant woman walks into your class and you don't know what to do or you feel fearful, this class is for you. If you are already a prenatal yoga or pilates teacher and would like to deepen your understanding of this fantastic process and learn another way of how to work with pregnant clients, this workshop is for you.

Maíra has developed a unique way of working with women during their pregnancy. In her practice, she has incorporated elements from Hatha, Kundalini and Integrative Yoga. Furthermore, aspects of the sacred feminine as well as relaxation and visualization techniques are also present in her work. She has come to appreciate and incorporate elements from the sacred dance of the womb (belly dancing for birth) in a very mindful and present way. Thanks to her background as a birth worker, birthkeeper and her work as a birth doula, Maíra has a very intimate understanding and a broader view of what women's unique pregnant bodies' needs are. She encourages mothers to go deep within their bodies and conncet with their baby in the womb through breath awareness and gentle movement. Some of the amazing people who have inspired her to create this work are Gurmukh Kaul Khalsa, Vanda Scaravelli, Shilpa Ghatalia, Isadora Duncan, Maria Fux, Pio Campo, Michel Odent, Ibu Robin Lim, Maha Al Musa and all the woderful mothers she has had the priviledge to work with.

This workshop is for yoga teachers, pilates teachers, dance teachers, body workers, doulas, midwives, childbirth educators or anyone just really interested in learning more and/or deepening their knowledge of women's amazing bodies so they have more tools to work with pregnant women.

Maíra Dias Botelho de Magalhães is a woman who believes in women's innate ability to create, generate, give birth to and nurture and nourish life. She has given birth to four wonderful beings and mothers them with all her heart, in an ever learning process. She is a birth doula who has supported dozens of families in their journey in bringing their babies earthside. She has been a classical ballerina, an actress, a singer and a school teacher. She has found that through yoga, mindful movement, dance and meditation she can connect to her inner self and thus she can be with other women sharing with them how they too can find themselves once they have connected with their yoni, womb and heart. She is on a mission to bring peace on Earth one woman, one baby, one birth at a time.


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