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200HR Yoga Teacher Training

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Have you ever thought about or considered doing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher training? But did not have the time or means? Or perhaps you are still stuck with the thought: "Oh I don't think I'm good enough for that yet".

Well, guess what: OBS will be hosting the FIRST Yoga Alliance qualified Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with OBS' own teachers: Kristen and Natalie; and of course, OBS' mother, Elizabeth Buri who will be spearheading the anatomy course.

This training is specially designed for people who want to complete a training (whether for their own practice or with the intention of teaching others) who do not have the time to take a month off of their daily life responsibilities.

This is a part-time training, spanning over three months: starting at the end of September and finishing in the first week of December. Yes, that's right, September 2019! End your year with a bang and a fresh perspective!

This training is ideal for those who are thinking of expanding their current teaching portfolio, for those who are looking for a career change and for those who truly just want to deepen their own understanding of yoga and connect to themselves.

If this is beginning to tickle your fancy or it is sparking an interest, come and join us for our two-hour open day where we will answer all your questions regarding the upcoming 200-hour teacher training and also give you some insight into what to expect for an EXTRAORDINARY journey ahead.

No RSVP or payment required; just come and join us for a lovely chat about what we are passionate about and see if this is something for you!

We are excited! Are you?!