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200HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training


Part Time

21st September until 8th December 2019

Yoga Alliance Accredited

About the training:-

Yoga is growing in popularity, with more studios opening in every corner of the world. This training is an internationally recognized certification through Yoga Alliance, giving you a ticket to see and work anywhere in the world.

With our part-time teacher training, you can continue with your day-today life; whether its work, looking after your family and other life responsibilities. You will also have more time for the information to “settle in” rather than rushing through the content over a short time. You will have more time to read, practice and teach, and you can begin yo incorporate yoga lifestyle principles and philsophies into your life as it is now.

With 3000 hours of teaching experience and qualification between Kristen and Natalie, the training will give you the tools needed to become a confident and information-rich yoga teacher. You will develop useful public speaking skills and learn to communicate effectively, voicing your thoughts, feels and opinions with clarity and confidence. All of this will combine to give you the invaluavle business skills needed to establish yourself as an independent yoga teacher to make yoga work for you!

For ant practitioner who has been practicing for a number of years, this is a great way to understand yoga in more depth. Even if you’re not interested in teaching right away, this training will broaden your practice immensly.

You will learn to apply anatomy, physiology and philosophy into your current practice, and see your practice TRANSFORM! You will understand more clearly how yoga can be weaved into your daily life, even off the mat. Through learning new things, you will STIMULATE YOUR BRAIN and CHALLENGE YOURSELF mentally and physically. This is just like going back to school or university: but this time the topic of conversation is YOGA. You will be met with study times, class times, practice time and homework time.

As life continues, we forget about ourselves as responsibilities take over and we put ourselves last. This is something for YOU. Time for yourself to relearn, refresh and rejuvinate and perhaps, get some new insight into life.

We will see you on the matt!

Training Dates:-

The course is broken down into seven sessions. Each session includes four evening classes and two full weekend classes. The final 7th session of the training will be a “surprise” getaway session. Within the four month time period, students are also required to complete an additional 20 classes (outside of the schedule training hours) as well as time to complete homework assignments. All sessions are mandatory in order to obtain full qualification. But if you have conflicting dates, please talk with us and we may be able to help you with make up options.

Contact for the exact dates.


First 3 Sign-ups RM7,250

Early Bird RM7,500

Regular RM7,950


- full 200-hour teacher training accredited by Yoga Alliance

- Certificate

- Training Manual

- Lunch over the weekends

- Herbal tea station

- Healthy fruits and nuts during lectures

- Get away celebration weekend (last weekend)


- Books required for reading

- additional 20 class hours to be completed outside of the course

- transport to the Getaway location (to be discussed)